Scientific Project Portfolio Management

Tunnell Government Services (TGS) employees provide holistic, tailorable project and program management (PM) services in support of our government clients. Each client is unique and, in some cases, even projects with the same client may differ. As a consequence, this demands flexible management practices to enable data-driven decision-making. For instance, our government customers who support FDA-regulated medical product development require an adaptive approach for product management as candidate therapeutics/diagnostics/biologics matriculate through discovery, clinical trials and post-marketing surveillance studies. We work side-by-side with our government partners with the development of metrics and cost estimates that measure the progress against interim and final objectives and ensure that clients are in a position to make well-informed decisions.

Our ability to provide these quality management services is enhanced by our adherence and adoption of industry best practices for optimal management of complex, multifaceted scientific and research practices. TGS’s infusion of new methods for more effective and efficient management is in part due to our ability to “reach back” into our corporation’s intimate relationships and understanding of the pharmaceutical industry. Although not all industrial practices are well-suited to the public service domain, we are uniquely positioned to tailor those industry practices and keep our government clients aware of deviations to schedule, cost, performance and quality.

More importantly, with regard to medical product development within the DoD, we have extensive experience in navigating the regulatory and the acquisition management processes. Although these program processes run concurrently, they are not synchronous and, as a result, can create unexpected turbulence in the execution of programs. We have the depth of experience to minimize the disruptive influences that increase the administrative risk associated with medical product failure.


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